Step into virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D modeling are not only high tech buzzwords anymore, but real opportunities for your business. Let us show you around.

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We at LumiNet think that the breakthrough moment of AR and VR technologies arrived: as compatible smartphones and VR devices are now widely available, these cutting edge solutions became a reasonable selection for many businesses.

Create a digital world

3D Modeling

Create & animate objects, textures in virtual space

Environmental Art

Concept and design a realistic and complete environment digitally


Procedural Toolset Development

Present it with cutting edge technologies

Augmented Reality

Enhance the real world with digital information.

Virtual Reality

Step into a world you could never imagine before.

App & Web Development

Unity3D / Unreal Engine

Technologies we use

At LumiNet we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technology developments, trends, and innovations. We have extensive experience and we can work with the following toolkits:

Unity 3D Engine

Houdini FX

Android Studio

Apple Xcode 10

Unreal 4 Engine


Clients and partners

Our Team creates custom projects and reusable digital assets as well. We are not only the contracted developer team of well known brands, but we are also present on the industry's major market places.


DG Bazi



Find us on these B2B market places

Original Fire Games

Unreal Marketplace

Unity Asset Store

Virtuos Reality

The people behind the magic

LumiNet Studios is a team of seasoned specialists, with a network of experienced professionals, offering a unique and strong set of planning and developer skills in complex and custom digital projects.

György Varró Founder, CEO

András Nagy CSO, Quality Assurance

Dávid Kerekes CTO, Technical Director

István Rákász Digital Consultant, Project Manager

Evelin Turcsány Concept Artist

Have an idea? Let's talk about it.

LumiNet is not only a team of developers: our experts offer guidance through the product’ complete life cycle, including planning, development and operation.

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